Monday, January 10, 2011

You + Me = HAPPY

It was a pretty busy weekend with the baby shower and all (which went fantastic by the way!)  However, I did manage to get two more wedding pages done.  Yay me!

The first page is of my parents and I. 
It is because of their generosity our wedding day and reception turned out every bit as wonderful as a young princess could imagine. 
I had a difficult time filling the space under the pictures;  I struggled with different paper and different ribbon but then it hit me. 
I have seen this ruffled ribbon look on other crafty blogs but have yet to use it so I tried it here. 
I am SUPER happy with the result.  I hope you like it too!

Here's a close up of some vintage buttons I purchased from another crafty friend of mine. 
They added some dimension and a little flair...You really need to see them in person, hard to photograph something so fantastic!

I have been looking forward to using the Good Times Vintage Banner stamp set by Unity Stamp Co. and finally had an opportunity. 
I really love how it turned out!

And yes you are seeing the third photograph correctly...
We are sticking our tongues out at each other!  How mature right?!  Yep, that's us!
Dressed to the nines or in jeans and a t-shirt we are always ourselves.

Let me know what you think!


joetterer said...

Love love love the parent page. What paper is that? It's so pretty. And I wonder what awesome friend would have such rockin buttons!

The second page is good too, well balanced. Kind of original color combo.

Your wedding pictures are so fun. Lucky.

Erin said...

The paper is Crate Paper the Restoration Collection--LOVE it too!

Emily Leiphart said...

Stunning layouts! Those papers are amazing. I love the one with the banner and my favourite shot is the last one of you holding the bouquet toward the camera!