Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I absolutely love, L-O-V-E to receive packages in the mail.  In fact, I just really love mail.  Even as a kid I remember running to the mailbox to pick up the mail... not sure what is it is exactly; just one of my simple pleasures. 

Anyway I ordered some fancy dancy twine today!  I really wanted to add the Caribbean color to my 'happy new baby' card I posted earlier.  So I caved and bought the sampler pack.  Now not only will I have every color to play with, I will get a package in the mail!

Oh the anticipation!


joetterer said...


I've been wanting the red and white for a while now.

berlinbetty said...

That is the prettiest twine I have ever seen! I know what you mean about getting packages, my little heart leaps everytime I order yarn. It's not just getting the yarn, it's about coming home to a box of goodies on my doorstep!

Emily Leiphart said...

Oohh, it makes me happy to see that you've ordered this beautiful twine. You are going to LOVE it!!!