Sunday, August 14, 2011

Life IS good.

This sentiment is such a great reminder to be happy and appreciate the little things...
I love a laugh especially at my own expense!
Story time:
I made an appointment Saturday at a consignment store to sell some home goods. The irony is, the
store is directly next door to an Archiver's... dun dun dun!!!
I walked in, heart racing, and immediately began justifying how I could buy one stamp or one small
Authentique paper pad...
As I walked around the store, battling with myself, there she was
amidst the Echo Park and October Afternoon plaid paper...
My scrappy friend Heidi to the rescue!
Miles from home (an hour to be exact) she saved me from cheating!

 We had a good laugh, I gave her my 30% off coupon,
and we enjoyed a little make and take together:
Cute huh?  Heidi agreed I could count this happy little card in my challenge.
So 30 more it is!


Jocelyn Olson said...

LOL! Love your story! Good for you for not cheating (although walking into Arhiver's is temptation-city!). Love this card...the foam and clear stamps are such a cool idea!

lisa arana said...

it is sooooooo hard right??? I'm proud of you for sticking it out! this is one cute make and take.

Emily Leiphart said...

I'm glad there are no Archiver's here. LOL Or should I say I totally WISH there was an Archiver's here? :P I need to know more about how you made this card. I love the way those buildings are coloured haphazardly and the sentiment is totally awesome!