Monday, August 8, 2011

CAS mini's

Our A/C is finally fixed!
In the mean time, I've been making a handful of mini's...
Unfortunately, I was making a set for a friend and I
didn't photograph them before I sent 'em off in the mail.
SO you'll just have to trust I made 10. She can vouch once she receives them :)

These little CAS mini's are for an order my mother placed.
She's by far my biggest fan and was my first blog follower! hehe
She's a teacher and very thoughtfully planned
a welcome back to school surprise for a few of her closest co-workers...
The celebrate sentiment is to "celebrate the new school year"
Her idea; I just made the product.
Cute huh?!
As for my challenge...
I'm counting all 10 of the mini's I made for my friend but I'll count this apple set as "one" 
My goal is to finish the challenge before Scrapfest at the Mall of America
September 16th-18th YIKES!!!  The pressure is on!


Rachel said...

Very cute! I love that your mom is your biggest fan. I just made a few mini's today too. I thought that they'd be a lot easier, but it's really not that different from making a full-sized card! I still had to color the image and cut the cardstock. It's fun to have a bunch of small cards to hold though after I'm done!

Kinderbee said...

They. are. perfect!!! I LOVE them!!!

Lisa Arana said...

how super cute. i adore minis.