Saturday, October 8, 2011

Scrapfest: Jillibean Soup

I took THREE classes at Scrapfest this year 
 One of the most FUN was the Jillibean Soup card class.
Probably because it was the only class the three of us girls took together but also because
Jillibean Soup has such happy; CA-UTE paper!!!
 I love love LOVE the pins with the butterflies

This actually has a pocket on the front! How darling?!
I like the corrugated heart on this one
Love this owl! I wish we would've gotten the stamp as a prize but no such luck.

And we couldn't resist a celebrity pic with Jill Yagerlehner
(Don't ask me to pronounce that)
She's just a sweetie!


lisa arana said...

How cute!!! Sounds like a fun day!

joetterer said...

what lovely cards! *wink*

Poppit said...

Looks like you had a fab workshop. I dropped in to see how you're getting on with your challenge....and you're DONE!!!! Awesome job! Seems like you did it in no time at all. Well done! xx

Jingle said...

Cute cards!

Jocelyn Olson said...

You lucky duck going to Scrapfest (I think I've said that before :)...especially taking 3 classes. I love the JBS papers although I never know how to use them. Your cards are such great inspiration! Look how cute you look in your pic with Jill. :)

Aleks said...

ahhh great cards!!! Kraft is SO awesome...all papers look good with it, no?