Saturday, June 4, 2011

100 Cards or Layouts Challenge

So it's time for a challenge!

For those of you who have been following the news...
Minnesota is looking at a very likely government shut down.
As a "non-essential" (their words, not mine) employee,
I may be looking as having LOTS of crafty time without the funds to shop freely.

So insert challenge HERE.

I will be banning myself from shopping for new stamps, paper, Copics, ink etc. until I make
100 cards or layouts!!!
Seriously, I am gonna DO IT! Well, I kinda HAVE to do it. hehe

I spent my last dollars at Unity Stamp Co's HUGE summer warehouse sale.
I thought I'd show you some of the goodies that will help keep me focused:

I added a text box to the right so you can follow my progress.
I haven't decided if I will show EVERY card/layout
 I make on my blog yet, we'll see how it goes...
oh the only rule is I can shop for glue but ONLY with a 40% coupon.
So without further ado,
Let the challenge BEGIN!!!


Poppit said...

ooooh - some gorgeous stamps to keep you going! I have the Suzi Blu stamps and LOVE it! Good luck with your challenge - I'll be rootin for you! :-)

Emily Keaton said...

I'm sure you can do it! Sounds like a great challenge to yourself. I hope that you won't be in layoff mode for long. :)

joetterer said...

good for you! i almost ordered from Unity, but had to force myself off the computer. it is an addiction!

Katrina said...

OH do know CHA is coming up right?! LOL GOOD LUCK I am sure you can do it!!!!! And those cards are adorable!!!!!

Emily Leiphart said...

Great challenge! I ordered Spring Flower Chic, too. If it's your first Suzi Blu, you are going to be in trouble!!! ;)